Advice for proper towbar use

The towbar is a very popular car accessory, as it serves our need for towing all kinds of trailers.

However, the towbar has to comply with all the rules about mechanisms, especially those which are strained: It needs constant maintenance.


  • You must not pull a two-axis trailer, if there is a longer than one meter gap between the two axis.
  • When you tow on an uneven terrain, the towing weight must be reduced by 50%. We advice you to keep your speed according to the road condition (never surpasses 20 km/hour).
  • According to the Road Traffic Act and the official guidance of the European Union, the trailer must be insured, in case the towbar is de-attached while driving.
  • The driver must place a safety steel wire or chain between the car and the trailer.
  • The towbar is designed to pull the maximum approved weight. To find it, you should look into the official book of the maker which includes the TLW and calculate the difference TRW - TLW = trailer weight.
  • After 1000 km of pulling, do not forget to tighten all the towbar's screws.


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Νέος νόμος για άδειες ρυμούλκησης!